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roomMaster is cost-effective. No other PMS can compete with roomMaster on both price AND features. Our annual maintenance agreement is priced at a fraction of our competitors AND it includes free access to all product updates within a version.

roomMaster is powerful, yet easy-to-use. There are no sacrifices when you buy roomMaster – all of the features you expect in a property management system are available, and you’ll find these features are easy to use too. New users are productive in a very short amount of time. Instant help is available with our informative documentation built into the software.

roomMaster works for properties of all sizes. Offering three editions of our software with interfaces to popular systems found in the hotel industry, roomMaster enables the perfect solution to be tailored to any property. Best of all, roomMaster was created by people with years of hotel experience, so no matter what solution you select, you can be assured it will work the way you expect it to.

roomMaster increases revenue through yield management based on occupancy levels. Using the Premier Edition of roomMaster you can generate additional income through the use of ‘set and forget’ yielding. Changing rates automatically based on the current occupancy. These rates are then pushed out to your website and channel managers.

roomMaster manages online room inventory with channel managers and also has a direct low cost online booking engine. roomMaster can automatically receive GDS & extranet web bookings, update availability to the web booking engines AND can receive direct internet bookings from your own website all without staff intervention. You control the internet traffic and roomMaster does the rest! Leave your staff to the much more important task of looking after your guests.


Point of Sale


iQ-POS offers the same qualities that have made roomMaster so successful -- powerful features, flexible configuration, and ease of use. The ease-of-use is great when it comes to training staff, and iQ-POS is so efficient you can spend more time attending to your customers.

iQ-POS has been designed to work well on both touchscreen PCs and Windows tablets, so it will fit well into any environment.

Best of all, iQ-POS is tightly integrated with roomMaster. Not only do you have bill-to-room capability and “big picture” reporting, but you also can use the same credit card processing and accounting software interfaces.

Informative POS Terminal

After signing in, staff can be greeted with a message alerting them to daily specials, important news, or guest promotions.

Fast and easy order entry.

iQ-POS is designed to work with touchscreen monitors and computers. Orders are easily entered with just a few touches of the screen. Items are broken down into various categories for easy location by staff in a fast-paced environment and our modifiers are also powerful

Advanced features are easy to use.

Splitting bills, adding special requests, or entering kitchen messages are extremely easy with iQ-POS.

Powerful features and customization are all possible from a touchscreen.

Whether your manager wants to make special changes to an order, ‘86’ an item, or even make changes to items or screen layout, most advanced functions can be performed at a touchscreen terminal.

Easily manage items for sale.

Adding, changing and deleting items from your menu is a breeze. Selecting an item shows all of the modifiers already assigned to the item, and adding additional modifiers is as easy as drag and drop.

Intuitive seating chart.

Create an overhead view of your dining space for easy bill holding and recalling. We provide a variety of seating icons so you can customize your space.


Channel Manager

Take your property’s online distribution to the next level and grow bookings with our channel manager. Manage all your OTA connections from inside roomMaster. Using just one Rates Management solution for your OTA and Hotel Direct Booking Engine. Connect with more than 40 popular OTA Channels and growing.

Automated rate and inventory updates are delivered in real-time and bookings made into roomMaster automatically. Distribute more inventory online instantly extending your reach worldwide to increase bookings.

  • OTA Connections – with more than 40 popular OTA Channels

  • Save time managing rates and inventory – eliminate the middle man 3rd party channel manager ensuring inventory and rates are always in sync

  • Save support time – if support is needed, InnQuest and Stayfull own the complete cycle and therefore own the support for the whole process

  • Save money – with direct connections to the most popular OTA’s like Expedia, and TripAdvisor allowing you to save on 3rd party channel manager pass through and PMS integration fees

Key Features

  • Inventory is updated automatically across all channels dramatically reducing the risk of over-bookings

  • Reservations are automatically added to roomMaster for new, changes and cancellations – reducing human error

  • Rate Parity is maintained across all sites, including WebBook – your hotel’s booking engine

  • Rate Closeouts, Length of Stay Restrictions and Rate Amounts are easily managed from the Rates Management Feature in roomMaster for all connections

  • Easily add new channel partners

  • Control Inventory allocations and even automatically close channels based upon occupancy

  • Track Market Code and Source of Business for full business intelligence

  • Automatically charge advance deposits based on rate structure


Booking Engine


It has been designed to help increase revenue and provide guests with great service from the moment they consider making a reservation, all at a fraction of the cost of a third-party booking engine with the benefit of strong integration to roomMaster. Technical support for iQ-WebBook is included with your annual roomMaster maintenance agreement, so you get the same great service from the same vendor as your property management system, all with no finger-pointing or run-around.

Take a look at our demonstration hotel using iQ-WebBook online

Increase revenue with a visual, easy to use booking engine.

The iQ-WebBook customer interface makes it easy for your future guests to quickly make reservations for your hotel with only two pages to navigate. Guests can see all available rates and packages for each room type, along with large imagery of your product with the Photo Gallery view.

iQ-WebBook has the added feature of ‘alerts’ to help maximize sales and increase guest satisfaction. Guests booking around the time of a special event can be shown an ‘alert’ with an opportunity to buy tickets to the event all while on iQ-WebBook. If your hotel is undergoing renovations during a set period of time, you can easily configure iQ-WebBook to display an alert about the renovations so guests booking during those dates are forewarned and not surprised when they arrive.

iQ-WebBook for Mobile & Tablet

Whether potential guests are viewing your website on the laptop, tablet, or smartphone, iQ-WebBook (and your hotel) will look great because of the mobile-friendly responsive design.

iQ-WebBook integrates seamlessly with your hotel’s website so it can have the same look-and-feel, with many customizable features to have iQ-WebBook look just the way you want it.

Integration to roomMaster

iQ-WebBook has unprecedented integration to roomMaster. Not only are roomMaster’s rates and inventory automatically uploaded to iQ-WebBook, but any changes in your rates due to yield management are automatically updated, too. Package rates where packaged items are charged every day are also fully integrated with iQ-WebBook to help drive even more sales along with the hotel booking rules configured in roomMaster, such as minimum lengths of stay and closed-to-arrivals dates. You can also provide the tools for your guests to start building their own tailored packages.

In addition to rates, inventory, and reservations, group blocks in roomMaster are instantly available for online booking, so guests coming for a wedding or corporate event can easily book their reservations online, too.

The roomMaster “extra fields” can be integrated with iQ-WebBook, so if you’re tracking information such as incoming flights, arrival times, or whatever is specific to your can be included with reservations on iQ-WebBook and appear on the reservations in roomMaster.

Easy to get started, easy to maintain

iQ-WebBook is a cloud-based solution, so there are no dedicated servers, static IP addresses, or SSL certificates required at your hotel. Our team will configure roomMaster to work with iQ-WebBook and show you the easy-to-use control panel. Your hotel can be up and running (and selling) in just a few hours.

The management interface makes iQ-WebBook easy to maintain and make changes. For example, if you have new pictures of your hotel, simply drag and drop them onto your web browser on the iQ-WebBook control panel pages. As well as providing you with instant snapshots on how your online bookings are performing.

PMS Addons




Whether you create a custom-designed gift card, or you select one of our standard designs, a gift card from your hotel helps present a professional image.

iQ-Gift Card, fully integrated solution with roomMaster and iQ-Point of Sale, you have a cost-effective way to promote your business that’s better and more affordable than most.

Whether you are a single property, have multiple sales outlets, or are part of a chain or brand, you can configure iQ-Gift Cards to be accepted at one, some, or all of your locations.

Unlike most systems in which the purchase price of the gift card is held by the card processor until the card is redeemed, iQ-GiftCard is free of transaction fees and when you sell a gift card the money stays with you!

  • There are no terminal fees or equipment you need to buy!

  • You can process Gift Cards on any computer using roomMaster or iQ-POS

  • It’s your money! All deposits on gift cards remain with you.

  • Your Gift Cards can be used across your chain or brand, allowing customers to load a card at property A and use it at property B.


If you have a day spa, meeting rooms, or tours & activities to manage, then iQ-Schedule will take out the hassle of managing multiple manual diaries and fully automate guest service scheduling. With iQ-Schedule, you have an integrated and seamless approach to managing all of your guest scheduling needs, fully integrated with roomMaster.

Front desk staff can view and book iQ-Schedule events from reservations or guest folios, and clear notifications are displayed when a front desk agent cancels a room reservation for a guest with appointments booked in iQ-Schedule, allowing them to cancel the appointments at the same time.

iQ-Schedule is available in two editions to suit the needs of your hotel, whether you are managing a spa, tours & activities, or meeting rooms.

iQ-Schedule also has a group billing feature which allows a group of guests in the spa to combine all their charges for example.

  • Full integration with iQ-Point of Sale enabling easy billing to a guest’s folio or use our integrated credit card module to process the payment.

  • Manage employee commissions and gratuities, plus e-mail schedules.


iQ-Anywhere module allows remote access, via tablet or smartphone, check-in guests, post mini bar charges, change room status or check out guests.

With iQ-Anywhere, management and staff are able to access important roomMaster functions with any web browser, whether it is on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Devices with an internet connection can access roomMaster data from anywhere, even on the other side of the world.

Many different roles, many different uses – iQ-Anywhere is a valuable tool for multiple roles within your property:

  • Management/Ownership – View the hotel’s Snapshot, availability and historical revenue information from anywhere, even while away on vacation. Run any SQL/Report Writer report that you have created in roomMaster using our user-friendly report writer on your iPhone, iPad, Andriod or mobile device.

  • Front desk – check-in and out guests, add charges to accounts and update profiles, add, change or cancel reservations, send confirmation emails, email guest accounts.

  • Sales – Sales associates can check room status while showing rooms to potential guests and group leaders…all without contacting the front desk! Real-time information is readily available with just a few taps.

  • Housekeeping – Housekeeping associates can view and change room status information, mark as maid in room, mark as inspection requested in real time from anywhere in the hotel.

  • Maintenance – View open maintenance orders, mark orders as fixed/completed, or create new maintenance orders.

  • Security – Security can review arrivals and departures when letting guests access your property, or check the status of a guest who is using the pool or other hotel services.


InnQuest Software’s Corporate Reporting Module is the ideal solution for management companies who operate more than one hotel.

iQ-CRM reduces costs and improves the management process by compiling guest history, travel agent commissions, and financial information from all of your properties into one centralized database.

With Crystal Reports, you can easily deliver rich, interactive content from virtually any data source, publish it to the Web in a variety of formats and integrate it with applications.

The Corporate Reporting Module provides management companies and multi-unit owners with these powerful features:

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Budgeting/performance

  • Dayend Close Information

  • Centralized Travel Agent Commissions

  • Accounting Interface


The Import/Export Wizard allows you to interface your roomMaster data with a variety of accounting software packages, as well as extract data for importing into other programs.

Instead of hand-posting daily General Journal entries in your accounting software, why not let the Import/Export Wizard do it for you? Complete general journal transaction data, separated by day, can be exported to the following programs:

  • M3 Accounting

  • QuickBooks/QuickBooks Pro

  • Peachtree Accounting


  • MYOB Accounting


iQ-Messenger keeps you informed about your hotel’s performance from anywhere.

You can receive a daily update on your property’s forecast, occupancy and dayend close information on your cell phone, PDA, or computer via a text message or e-mail.


The iQ-Scan module allows your staff to scan driver’s licenses (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Malaysia and European Union) and passports from all countries.

The information is automatically transferred directly into roomMaster as well as optionally attaching the image/picture to the folio for identification security.

Image options include face and/or full ID image, and managers can designate the different security options. The scanner can be purchased with or without passport scanning and is only compatible with scanning software which uses a certified integration format.

  • Driver’s License: Name, Address, Sex, Date of Birth, License Number, face and full ID image to be stored – six for each folio.

  • Passport: Name, Date of Birth, Passport Number, Date of Issue and Date of Expiration, face and full ID image to be stored – two for each folio.



The iQ-Keylocks Interface will automatically send all of the necessary information to the key encoder and prompt clerks to insert keys into the encoder. This ensures a perfect key for every guest, every time.

Other powerful features include:

  • Place up to three rooms on every key, allowing parents to have access to their children’s rooms on their own key.

  • Automatically select additional authorizations on each key for other hotel facilities, such as sauna, pool, exercise room, or in-room safe.

  • Quick single-use key encoding for maintenance or showing rooms.

  • Seamlessly work with iQ-Point of Sale by swiping any guest key card for quick bill-to-room.

Please consult with your keylock vendor to confirm PMS interface capabilities for your model and equipment.

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