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Providing A Contactless Solution For Your Property

Contactless Solution

In this present world we live in travel is still very much a passion for many persons worldwide.

For this it is important that we in this industry make sure that all safety measures are put into place for our guests to feel as comfortable as possible.

As countries begin to reopen having a contactless solution is the new norm!!


Self Check-In & Out

Minimize contact between guests and staff by having your guests use our self check-in feature. Your guest will receive an email with a bar-code which will allow them to scan it using their mobile phone after which they will be directed to a URL. Here they can fill out their check-in form. This will cut down the wait time a guests has as well as minimize contact with staff.


Room Tv channel

This allows us to schedule info channel campaigns via Exclusivi .

They are used to promote special events  and hotel amenities/directory.

This is very convenient for guests to lay in the comfort of their room and have this info at their disposal rather than to have to get up and go seek out someone to provide this kind of information. This in turn eliminates in-room paper material thus further minimizing physical contact among guest and staff. However it is important to note that this is another medium for you the client to get any promotions out to the client.


Exclusivi Mobile App

Improve & Enhance guests experience with our mobile which completely digitizes your guests expereince at your property.

"One Tap One Order"

Allows your guest to order meals & beverages pool side or from their room thus further minimizing contact between staff while improving guest convenience.

Gain access to menus from the Bar, Restaurant, book an excursion , schedule a spa session etc..


Task Management

This is both a mobile and online tool for tasks assignment & management for maintenance, housekeeping and front office staff.

All issues are tracked in a management and analytical suite.

Comprehensive user and notifications management ensures that the right staff members on notified on their mobile devices instantly.


Smart WiFi portal

The smart WiFi portal comes with so many benefits. Maximize your sales & revenue by using our WiFi portal to advertise food & beverage specials that your restaurant may have for the day. By running these ads at scheduled times your guests will see these ads pop up timely on their apps and with just one click they can book a meal for the day.

These ads are not only limited Food & beverage.

Smart WiFi portal can also handle  Email & Feedback collection, Facebook/Instagram Re-targeting and TripAdvisor Integration


Loyalty Program

Guests gain loyalty points for their stay at your property and as they build and earn points they can redeem points in various organized rewards.

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